How to Pair Sony Headphones To Laptop, TV and All Devices

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Hey, guys if you want to learn how to pair Sony headphones to any of your devices like if you have any Window laptop or mobile or TV or Apple laptop and all, stay with this article. In this article, we will learn how to pair sony Bluetooth headphones to any of your devices step by step.

Topics, which we are going to cover, are:

how to pair Sony headphones to:

Window Laptop
Apple Laptop

Which Sony headphones I’m going to use for the whole process?

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones with App Control, Black

how to pair Sony headphones

In the whole article, I’m using this headphone so I’m going to tell you how to turn its Bluetooth on. If you want to purchase it or want to read its details click on the link.

Make sure your headphone is off while pairing Bluetooth to any device.

1. While connecting your headphone to the device, press the power button which may be your Bluetooth button in some cases.
2. Hold that button for 2-3 seconds and then you will see its LED is splashing and in some cases, you can hear a tone sound, I think it happens all the time.
3. Now it is completely ready for connecting to any devices.

how to pair Sony headphones to iPhone

In an iPhone phone whatever it is iPhone 7, iPhone 5, 6 or maybe any newly released iPhone, the process will be same. So don’t worry. In my case, I’ll be using iPhone 7.

1. Open your phone and click on the setting icon, you can find it easily.
2. After it, you will see Bluetooth option in your setting system.
3. Click on the Bluetooth button and turn on Bluetooth then wait until it doesn’t get your device name.
4. Once it will find your device name, connect it. And enjoy the music.

Connect Sony Bluetooth headphones to Apple Laptop

I have already written an article on How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Mac. Click on the link and check out.

how to pair Sony headphones to Android Mobile

Connecting a wireless Bluetooth Sony headphone to the Android mobile is simple. I am using Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime for pairing headphones. This process is the same in every Android mobile. 

1. Drop your menu down and click on the Bluetooth icon.
2. Wait for some seconds and once it will find your device name, connect it. It is as simple as that.
3. Enjoy the music!

Connect Sony headphones to Window Laptop

You can connect your headphones to Windows easily by going to the setting menu. Read more about How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PC

Connect Sony headphones to the TV

If you want to watch any movie or want to listening any music without disturbing your parents or neighbours, you have an option that is your wireless Bluetooth headphones. But you are stuck on connecting them so I will explain how to connect them with your TV. I’m using a Samsung tv for this job.

1. Grab your remote and press the Home button.
2. You will see a menu bar. Go to the left until you do not get the ‘Settings’ option.
3. Click on the ‘Sound’ option and then click on ‘Sound Output’ and then you will see three options.
Sound> Sound Output> Bluetooth Speaker List
TV speakers
Bluetooth Speaker List
4. Click on the “Bluetooth Speaker List” option and wait until it does not connect with your headphone.
5. When your device name will show, click on and connect it.
And thus your headphone is connected.

Wrapping Up:

I hope you are now clear and able to connect your headphones with these devices. So enjoy the part which you were missing before. We are trying our best to provide you with the knowledge related to the headphones. If you don’t know anything about how to buy headphones, read our headphones buying guide.

If you are facing any problem in connecting headphones, feel free to comment. We will respond to your comment as soon as possible.

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